Letter From Editor

Where is Ala?

February 5, 2016

Hello ! It’s been some time since I last posted here. So many of you have been asking me where I have been… Well I have been keeping it sexy offline. After all, I was born offline so it is natural to remain offline. I remember telling an old friend that is it like being sleeping beauty, resting but remaining awesome. In reality, I have made some changes that will be for the better… So what have I been doing? Besides work stuff, mainly sport, yoga and connecting with the wonderful people in my life.


I’ve also discovered something great. Being a cloud. In a nutshell, I have transformed parts of my life into the most LIGHT version as possible. What is that? Well it is a concept that spans everything from my style to relationships.  The result has been amazing and I’m quite overwhelmed by the positive developments. Hopefully I can start to show this theme in the blog in the coming months! Let’s make things light together.




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